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It is located along the banks of the River Danubein the centre of Bavaria. It is part of the Munich Metropolitan Area, which has a total population of more than 5 million. The Illuminatia Bavarian secret societywas founded in Ingolstadt Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison the late 18th century.

Ingolstadt is a setting in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelleywhere the scientist Victor Frankenstein creates his monster. It is the site of the headquarters of the German automobile manufacturer Audidefence aircraft manufacturer Airbus formerly Cassidian Air Systemsand electronic stores Media Markt and Saturn. Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison Central Station has been connected to Nuremberg by a high-speed rail link since May Ingolstadt also has a second passenger station at Ingolstadt Nord.

Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison an urban area of The old town is approximately metres 1, feet above sea level and the highest point, located in the district of Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison, is Ingolstadt uses Central European Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison as throughout Germany; the average time lag is 14 minutes.

The city is expanding at the northern and southern banks of the Danube in a wide flat bowl. The Ingolstadt basin borders the Jura foothills, located south and is to the north of the Donau-Isar-Hügelland. In the southwest is the Donaumoos while in the east the lowland forests of Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison Danube reach into the urban area.

It is the second largest hardwood Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison on the Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison. The Sandrach, the former Southern main branch of the Danube, partly forms the Southern city krampfadern spezialist. In the north, the Schutter flows through Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison the west reaching the Danube near to the Altstadt.

Ingolstadt was first mentioned in a document of Charlemagne on 6 Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison as "Ingoldes stat", the place of Ingold. CircaIngolstadt was Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison city status. Ingolstadt Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison the capital of the Duchy of Bavaria-Ingolstadt between and Ingolstadt was then united with Bavaria-Landshut.

In it was Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison to Landshut and Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison eventually to Munich. The University of Ingolstadt was an important defender of the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation era, led by such notable scholars as Johann Eck. In the Battle of Ingolstadt in Maythe Black Company — a unit of Franconian farmers and knights fighting on the side of the peasants during the German Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison War — took their last stand at Ingolstadt against the Swabian Leagueall eventually being defeated and killed.

The field marshal had been badly wounded in a previous engagement with the Swedes under King Gustavus Adolphus.

Ingolstadt proved to be the first fortress in Germany that held out for the entire length of the Swedish siege, and the Swedes eventually withdrew. The remains of Gustavus Adolphus' horse can be seen in the City Museum. The horse was shot from under the king by one please click for source the cannons inside the fortress, a cannon known as "The Fig".

When the Swedes withdrew, the city preserved the remains of the king's horse, eventually putting the form on display. It has remained thus for almost years. After the French invasion in the fortress was demolished and the university was relocated to Landshut.

Originally a fortress city, Ingolstadt is enclosed by a medieval Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison wall. The Bavarian fortress — now holds the museum of the Bavarian army.

A sappers ' drill ground lies next to the river, and two military air bases Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison located nearby, one used for testing aircraft.

The long military tradition of the city is reflected in today's civil and cultural life. Former "off-limit" military training areas have been converted into well-used public parks. Adolf Scherzer composed the "Bayerischen Defiliermarsch". In Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison, the car manufacturer Auto Union first arrived in the city. The company's original factories in Chemnitz and Zwickau both then in Soviet controlled East Germany were shattered during the warand were seized by the Russians as reparations.

Auto Union executives initially started a spare parts operation Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison Ingolstadt in the immediate post war period, with a view to relocating the entire company to the region. Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison the help of Marshall Plan aid, Auto Union was formally re-founded in Ingolstadt inultimately Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison into the modern-era Audi Ingolstadt Lieferung Varisonafter it was Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison over by Volkswagen in Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison, Audi is the region's largest employer and now dominates the economy of the city.

As one of five ducal residences of medieval Bavaria — besides LandshutMunichStraubing and Burghausen — the city of Ingolstadt features many Gothic buildings, such as the Herzogskasten 'old ducal castle', ca. The largest church is the Gothic hall church of Our Lady, which was begun in Also the churches of Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison Maurice and of the Gnadenthal and Franciscans monasteries date from the Gothic era.

The Kreuztor is one of the remaining gates of the old city wall. The Gothic Old City Hall was constructed in the 14th century, and later altered several times.

The Baroque era is represented by the Old Anatomy Building of the university —, designed by Gabriel de Gabrieli and the church St. Maria de Victoria, which was built by the Asam brothers — Many buildings of the neo-classical fortification of Leo von Klenze have been preserved, such as the Reduit Tilly and the towers Baur and Triva.

As well as being the home of the headquarters of the Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison manufacturer Audithe town is also home to Audi's museum mobileund von Foto Beingeschwüren Behandlung venösen is open to the public and presents Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison exhibits and offers guided tours.

Ingolstadt is a green city with numerous parks, green spaces and forests. The most prominent of these is the " Glacis ", formerly an open space in front of the city walls, now surrounding the historic city center.

It functions as a "green belt" and a buffer area between Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison, Kurs Lungenembolie areas and schools. It is possible to traverse it Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison spacious paths for pedestrians and cyclists, with a good view of the site of the former fortifications, including a well-preserved section of the ditch.

The biggest Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison in the city, the Klenzeparkwhich contained the former Ingolstadt State Fortressand was the site of the Landesgartenschau inis also a part of the Glacis. The biggest forest in Ingolstadt is the Auwald "riverside forest", also called "Schüttel".

It is found on both the more info and southern Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison of the Danube, and is one of the biggest well-preserved river forests in Germany, extending mainly from Neuburg to Ingolstadt with extensions to the city center.

The forest serves as a natural reserve, with parts containing unique vegetation or acting as a wildlife reserve. Ingolstadt is home to the Ingolstadt School of Managementwhich is the department of business administration and economics of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. In national rankings, the business school regularly scores among the top ten. The Ingolstadt School of management offers bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration.

Among the academic programs offered are also an executive MBA and doctoral degrees. The University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt is a university for technology, computer sciences and business administration. With approximately 6, students, it is the biggest educational institution in Ingolstadt [3].

Several scholarship programmes supported by companies such as Siemens and Conti Temic Continental AG provide gifted students with financial assistance during their studies. These students deepen their practical experience by working at these organizations. The University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt offers several undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Every programme is listed under the top 10 Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison Germany. The sports life of the city is based on the 83 registered sports clubs. The biggest sports club is the MTV Ingolstadtwith over registered members in 16 branches. In total, the sports clubs in Ingolstadt have more than 41, members. Ingolstadt is especially known for ice hockey and association football. With the exception of its season of debut and —08, the club has reached the national play-offs every year as of [update]and has reached the semi-finals three times.

In the season, it was promoted from the third highest division at the time, Regionalliga Süd to 2. In Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison season, it was relegated at the penultimate place, but was promoted again in and remained in 2. InIngolstadt won the 2. Bundesliga and were promoted to the country's highest league, the Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison. During their first season in the Bundesliga, Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison finished in 11th place.

They were relegated to 2. Bundesliga by the end of the season. Ingolstadt is one of the many settings in Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. Primarily, Victor Source attends university in Ingolstadt.

Ingolstadt is also a pivotal location in The Illuminatus! Rainer Werner Fassbinder 's film Pioneers in Ingolstadt is set in the town. This was an allusion to Frankensteinas the episode contained numerous Frankenstein references, and the full title of Frankenstein is "Frankenstein: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany. Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung Ingolstadt Lieferung Varison German. Archived PDF from the original on 5 March Retrieved 21 July Archived from the original on 28 April Retrieved 3 February Urzad Miasta Opola in Polish.

Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 22 August Retrieved 28 April Archived from the original on 21 September Cities in Germany by population.

Berlin Cologne Hamburg Munich.

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Ingolstadt is the seat of a university of applied sciences. A ring of parks separates the old town from the surrounding industrial and residential districts. Pop.
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The permanent exhibitions of the Bavarian Army Museum are on display in the following buildings.
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Indeed, Ingolstadt is a city where you're truly immersed in the action rather than just a bystander. M.I.C.E.-Destination Ingolstadt Ingolstadt provides unique atmosphere to your conventions by combining tradition and economic dynamics with excellent consulting.
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Indeed, Ingolstadt is a city where you're truly immersed in the action rather than just a bystander. M.I.C.E.-Destination Ingolstadt Ingolstadt provides unique atmosphere to your conventions by combining tradition and economic dynamics with excellent consulting.
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Ingolstadt was the capital of the Duchy of Bavaria-Ingolstadt between and Ingolstadt was then united with Bavaria-Landshut. Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria ordered the building of the New Castle, whose form was strongly influenced by .
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